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Craft Services

Ms. B's Crafty

Ms. B’s Craft Service is not your average “crafty.” Our cooks work diligently to satisfy the needs of your crew, no matter how big or small. We provide hand-crafted snacks throughout the day, as well as a complex and diverse crafty setup. We hand pick our fresh fruits and vegetables daily, and buy local organic produce when available.


Additionally, because we only utilize chef’s to prepare crew snacks we have the ability to prepare 2nd meals in house, thus eliminating the need to purchase from outside vendors.


Ms. B’s Crafty also has a network of local vendors to satisfy your crew’s extra needs. We can provide food trucks, espresso setups, gourmet ice cream trucks, etc. for a special treat during a long week. With a keen attention to detail and service, Ms. B’s crafty is changing the meaning of Craft Service.

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