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Craft Service

COVID -19 Preventative Care Plan

  • We will require additional manpower to adhere to new craft service daily standards

  • Department Head will ensure that team members will not be allowed to work if feeling ill.

  • Each Ms. B Crafty Craft service team members will be required to be ServSafe certified before being allowed to work on set.

  • All trailers and equipment will be deep cleaned amongst return to work.

  • Each trailer is equipped with running water for food service preparation and a separate hand washing sink.

  • All trailers will be equipped with chemical cleaning kits and proper PPE for craft service department. This will include face masks, gloves, hand soap, and hand sanitizer

  • We will ensure that proper handwashing practices are being adhered to consistently by all our team members

  • Contact surfaces in trailers and all equipment on set and trailers will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly multiple times throughout the day.

  • Craft service will no longer operate as a self-service setup. All beverages and packaged snacks will be serviced to the cast and crew from a craft service department member.

  • We will provide bags and drink carriers for ease of transport and safety for PA’s and crew members delivering items to others on set.

  • All beverages will be served in containers with a lid and with individually wrapped straws, coffee stirrers, sugar and honey packets.

  • Craft Service will no longer provide food items that are not individually packaged with the exception of hand fruit which will be prewashed and handled using PPE.

  • All snacks prepared on the trailer will be individually packaged in proper containers by craft service department members before being sent out for consumption to crew.

  • All Snacks will be served with individually wrapped utensils forks, knives, spoons etc.

  • We will continue to provide hand sanitizer for the crew and request that mobile handwashing stations are placed accessible to craft service setups on set.

  • Budget will need to increase to insure we are capable of meeting and maintaining new daily requirement standards to help ensure the health and safety of all due to the following:

  1. Additional manpower

  2. Cleaning supplies

  3. PPE (gloves, masks, hand soaps and sanitizers)

  4. Food & Beverage Packaging containers


We are all in this together,

with everyone doing their part this too shall pass

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